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Origin: Washington, DC

Genre: Inspirational/Jazz

Years Active: 2000- Present

Label: Dove International Inc.

Official Websites:


Award-winning harpist, writer, composer and producer began his journey at age 14 when, in a dream, he saw himself strumming the harp – an instrument he had never played before. Inspired, he sought out family friends jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby and jazz pianist/harpist Alice Coltrane (wife of jazz legend John Coltrane) to nurture his talent. JeffMajors has recorded over 20 CDs and was host of the flagship program on TV One, The Gospel of Music with JeffMajors. In 2006, JeffMajors launched a 40 city “National Tour for the Homeless,” and today delivers music therapy at correctional facilities where he has helped over 1,200 young offenders successfully reintegrate into society. 


O Street Museum, Washington D.C.

Hands Up by JeffMajors

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